About Us

Routines so simple, the difference is night and day.

For years, we dreamed of bedding that makes routines easier. We wanted something comfortable, convenient, and as effortless to sleep in as it was to clean. But before we could design bedding that was the best of both worlds, we had to explore a different part of the world. Across the pond, we found a new approach to bedding. We discovered a tangle-free night’s sleep and woke up to a streamlined way to keep our beds looking and feeling fresh.

Inspired and remarkably well-rested, we returned home with a mission to share the European philosophy for bedding with everyone. We started by designing a duvet cover with attachable top sheet that gives you a perfectly made bed every time, leaving you perfectly ready for your day or night. 

We exist to make every bed routine go smoothly, because a well-made bed leads to a well-made life.

When you sleep your best you feel your best. To get better sleep, you need the most comfortable and convenient sheets. It’s a simple philosophy, but in a world where everything feels pretty complicated, we think bedding routines should be easy.

Make your bed the Avec way.